Monday, December 15, 2008

The valley of the kings with expensive things...

King Tut was one of the most rich kings of all of the Pharaohs of Egypt. In his tomb he had over 5,000 pounds of gold. He had everything he ever owened in his tomb. He had chariots and cats . Lots and lots of cats. King Tut had over 20 cats in his tomb. Wow. I love cats but over 20. I don't think so. I mean how many cats could your possibly have? King Tut was buried in the burial chamber. The only thing in the burial chamber was himself.

The curse of King Tut...

When found in 1933 King Tut's tomb was messy and unorginized. It is thought to be a set of 2 grave robbers were searching through his tomb. They aparently did'nt find what they want. Because nothing was stolen. Researchers found 2 sets of skeletons outside of the entrence of his tomb. The highrogliphics on the outside of his tomb states "Those whom enter the tomb of king tut walk the path of death. Ouch. If the grave robbers knew how to read they may have still been alive when they walked out that day.

Why dead at age 18?

There is one theory that King tut was sitting on his solid gold thrown and a blunt accident to the head killed him at age 18. Researchers are not positive if that "blunt" was a accident or a murder to claim the thrown. The blow was caused by a modern weapon. This theory is totally the opposite of this theory... A drink was served to king tut that had Tristan tree sap in it. This sap is very poisonus and could of killed king tut. Again this was to kill him the claim the thrown.

King at 9?

King Tut's father, King Amenhotep died when he tried to escape his beautiful palace. But in my opinion why would you leave a luxury Paradise? With people serving you anything you want every day. Well when he died his son Tutankhamen took the thrown at age 9. Would you want a king at age 9? Well all of Egypt did. Tut's father had left the country weak when he left. But when King Tut ruled ever thing was better.